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Richard Steinschlag

My heart beats for and cause of electronic dance music since 1988. My age to visit the big raves, soon with afterhours, I had in 1994 and so I did. The possibility to create own public songs I got in 1998 with an MC303 and with the beginning of Fruityloops, with an external soundcard and with some midi cables. Based on this equipment I had my first liveact at a 500 people rave in March 1999 in St. Pölten. Several liveacts later I had a triple-liveact-gig as a duo on a rave with 1100 people on the same stage with the Rotterdam Terror Corps in 2001. So I made a roundtrip from hardcore to tekno with liveacts on some soundsystem teknivals in and around Vienna. I guess there are still thousands of free and sold tekno cd's spreaded out in the world with our musicprojects. The name of the project was "Brainfuckproject" and seriously, it's not a musicstyle for long distances in live and I tried parallel to produce some more common techno tracks. We did some partys and afterhour-eventlines in Vienna's club scene. And then the world has ended in 2005 and I had to focus on working for money and on some personal issues.

Inspired by using 432hz sounds with Flstudio I started as a DJ again in 2009 with the Artist Name "Krischan(777)" and played new own songs mixed with the newest world-house to world-techno-tracks in several Vienna clubs.

The idea to Richard Steinschlag I had 2004. 2010 I restarted the trip to find my very own tech style. This artist name describes what the sound concept behind could be. Sure? I am not. Listen to this unique music, and maybe you like it. I lost my subjectivity after the second single release on the label Mind Entertainment.

Official Releases:
Mind Entertainment: ME01 - ME04, ME06, ME07, MEC01 & MEC02
Syntex Records: SR10, SR12
BFP Records: BFP001 - BFP014

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Follow me on www.soundcloud.com/richardsteinschlag & www.facebook.com/richardsteinschlag for being closer to the boiling point.

Clubs where I played more then one gig:
Camera Club (Vienna, AT), Parkclub (Breclav, CZ), Perpetuum Club (Brno, CZ), Weberknecht (Vienna, AT), Derwisch, Massiv, Foxy, Public Club Simmering, Rosebud (Vienna, AT)

Latest Raves I played:
Electribe 1, 2 (Castle Valtice, CZ), Revolution III (Tschako), River Flash Clubbing (Kraftwerk Waidhofen)

Best Artists playing before or after me:
Rotterdam Terror Corps, Mario Ranieri, Marcel Liberte, Rokis, Dennes Deen, Roman Ranos, PabloJ, A-Trakt, Calderon, Members of Pong Soundsystem and Lego Soundsystem and so many more


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